Eat Clean Challenge

Do you ever wake up tired?  Do you lack energy during the day? Do you want to get into better shape and regain confidence? Our Eat Clean Challenge aims to kickstart you into making baby steps to leading a healthy and active lifestyle.  We find that generally, many people start well, but soon fall by … Read More

CobraFIT Kettering

CobraFIT is an 8 Rep Accredited high intensity interval resistance training programme which originated from Sweden and is now in Australia, South Africa and Europe.  The UK Headquarters is in Skipton.  It was introduced in Kettering in 2014 by Aba and her team.  The workout is beneficial for improving both cardiovascular and strength health and … Read More

Wellness Check

Want to turn back your body clock? Tired of yoyo dieting? Want to feel fitter for longer? If you are thinking about transforming your body, you want to start by reviewing your lifestyle.  It is so easy to follow the quick fixes or doing things the way you are comfortable with, but it is longer … Read More

Ideal Breakfast

For a very long time in my adult life, I used to either skip breakfast or have a cereal.  Now as a nutrition expert, the question ‘What makes a healthy breakfast?’ is one I get asked very often…or ‘Is it ok to skip breakfast?’  I often say whatever the circumstances, it is important to grab … Read More