Our Parkrun Saturday FUN !

Thanks to Paul Sinton-Hewitt for creating the Parkruns back in 2004. It arrived in Kettering’s Wicksteed park recently, thanks to all the volunteers who make it run smoothly. A few of us from the Fitcamp Kettering decided to go and push ourselves a bit more once a week and get our hearts pumping ! What a great idea the Parkruns are!

This was our third run and we loved it just as much as the other two. Each time, we try and beat our personal best (pb) just for fun. By competing against our very own selves, we feel accountable to each other and it also gives us a buzz to keep going each week. There are different age categories in our group from 40s to 70s and there is no stopping us !

Our Fitcamp community is very special. Everyone feels supported and we believe that getting together at other events outside the CobraFIT sessions, will create other FUN time occasions. We welcome anyone who would like to join us each week when they can to our Fitcamps or Parkrun occasions. We all run or walk or do a combination of the two and meet up at the end of the session for a quick catch up and pat on the back. Well done all who come to participate ! The only special project you have to work on in YOU!




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