Maria Mason ….more than 10 years younger!

Maria has been my client for a few years now.  She is an amazing lady who has improved her metabolic age to more than ten years younger over the years!  She came to see me for help in improving her overall health and energy levels.  Maria enjoys swimming on a daily basis and with my guidance and good nutrition support, she now feels more energetic and has improved her health for the better.

She says ‘I absolutely love coming here to see you Aba!  This is my favourite hang out place.  I just love how I feel now and would like it to continue. Maria has no real weight issue, but just wanted to feel amazing and enjoy life at her age.

She says  ” I feel absolutely over the moon when the machine says I’m more than 10 years younger than my age; and I can feel it.  Thank you !”

Listen to Maria here

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