People make the difference…

By Aba Wilson-Morkeh

I love Challenges not only because of the routine and structure it brings, but more because of the people and the fun they bring. People join a group and do not really know each other, but there is a common purpose that draws them together. The purpose of becoming better than the old self!

What is even more rewarding is the thought that someone you least expected to stick to a programme would go on and smash it because of the sheer encouragement and support they get from others, among other factors.

So our next Challenge – the 4 week flat belly challenge is going to be a friendly competition amongst people to see who will get the most results. However, its really about competing against oneself and getting into better habits than before.

It kicks off on 5 November for 4 weeks and the aim is to focus on changing some old habits, eating healthier but yummy meals and doing more regular and slightly different exercises than say walking alone. For some people, this is not going to be easy. It will take a degree of discipline and positive attitude to get through, but it will be worth it in the end.

All the £10 entry fee will go towards the prize money which will go to the top three winners.

Please contact us if interested in participating.

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