Boosting your immunity

I don’t know about you, but this is a topic high on everyone’s agenda right now….how to build a healthy immunity and reduce the risk of catching the dreadful coronavirus.   Too right!  Generally, it’s true that living a healthy and active lifestyle, washing the hands regularly, staying at home etc can all help to reduce one’s risk of contracting the virus, but I also believe in ensuring one gets the optimum nutrition the body needs to fortify itself against free radicals and viruses.  From as far as I can remember, looking after my immunity has been something I have been interested in….I remember thinking I do not want to catch a cold or get sick, because I am too busy! Busy running a business, busy running a home, busy being a wife and mother.

So I would do whatever it takes to protect my body from succumbing to any outside ‘attackers’.  As part of my self-education, I remember learning about and being intrigued by the various vitamins and minerals and what they do.  I remember wondering why supplementation may afterall be quite a good thing to add to one’s diet, in order to top up or ensure we get optimum nutrition to boost the immunity.

You often hear people only talk about Vitamin C in boosting immunity.  However, each macronutrient and micronutrient has a role to play in boosting the body’s immunity.  So is the importance of hydration, exercising and taking enough rest and sleep.

For example phytonutrients, which are mostly derived from plants, can be high in antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals etc.  Similarly, protein, as a macronutrient is important for renewing the body’s trillion cells everyday and help boost the immune system.  When people do not have enough to top up, they can be at risk of falling sick more easily.

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