Project me vs me 21 day challenge

Want your own body project to start feeling great again? October brings a renewed projectmevsme 21 Day Transformation Challenge where you put yourself first…Here, you work closely with your coach to bring you the desired results and we are intensifying our effort for the Christmas season and beyond.

You do it from the comfort of your own home and we show you how. You will get all the tools necessary to reach your goals !

Once paid below, you can book your 20-30 minute consultation here to assess your needs in full.

You will get a meal plan as part of your package tailored for you and focuses on results. You also get workouts, group and coach support throughout 24/7.

Our participants who have done back to back challenges just love the environment and the results. You will get everything you need to get yourself to a great start for the body you deserve.

Not only does it feel surprisingly supportive in our online environment, but the changes being made by everyone is immense and the progress is inspiring, not to mention the prize money paid out at the end during the Celebrations. Interested? Secure your place below.

Secure your 21 Day Challenge

A simple system to start to get you feeling and looking your best again. Not only will you get into better habits, you will get results, whatever your goals.


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