PROJECT MEVSME – little black dress & win

Are you tired of struggling to reach your body goals? Want to feel healthier, fit in your clothes better and win some cash for Christmas?

So I have to say I have been so moved by our last #Projectmevsme 30 Day Transformation Challenge, where it has felt like a RETREAT from home during this Lockdown. Not only does it feel surprisingly supportive in an online environment, but the changes being made by everyone and the progress is very encouraging.

At the beginning of the Lockdown, a few of us, like many entrepreneurs, were at a loss at how to continue to support our Community. Most people loved the physical interaction, loved the weigh ins, a chat and a cuppa, but for the first time, we have had to think of an alternative way to support each other and still get the results for our Community.

As we were already running Online 21 Day Challenges and had a degree of online presence for those who lived far away, a few of the Coaches decided to create the 30 Day #projectmevsme retreat as the next level from there, and this is the 3rd one we’ve run so far. The comments coming back are just incredible. The Coaches are amazing, supportive, encouraging, empowering and all so positive. The confidence we see in the results coming out are amazing, rewarding and life changing.

The next #projectmevsme 30 Day Challenge starts on 23 November and right in time for Christmas. You do not want to miss out ! Enquire below :-

Aba’s healthy protein bread and butter pudding

Makes 6 servings, approx 10g protein per serving and only 137 cals.

So delicious and easy to make.

Enjoy occasionally with a hot herbal beverage, tea or coffee…


3 slices of wholemeal bread , 4 eggs 400ml water, 3 tbsp Protein Drink Mix , 1/2 tsp Vanilla essence, 1 tsp ground cinnamon, Half a cup of blueberries


Cut bread in squares and place in an oven dish Sprinkle over blueberries Whisk eggs, water and PDM together with vanilla essence and half cinnamon Pour over bread Sprinkle rest of the cinnamon on top Bake in the oven at 185°C for 45 mins until golden brown Serve with a tbsp of Greek Yoghurt or enjoy a hot or cold on its own as a snack or dessert.

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what is your biggest struggle ?

Christmas is coming and I remember when I first started my healthy active lifestyle journey…it was around this time…three months before Christmas and I was invited to a party.

The first thing that came to mind was …Say No you cannot attend !!

But I decided to go…and guess what, I ate the food ! Well, I decided to make better choices. It always takes me back to this when I’m telling my story to people I help everyday.

Yes, there are always going to be challenges or, shall we say, road blocks along the way, but how are we going to deal with them?

What are your road blocks?

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Yummy protein walnut and fruit scones

Staying at home can bring temptations, but you can still have the odd healthy treat. These yummy protein, walnut and fruit scones only took 30 mins from putting ingredients together to getting it out of the oven. Mixing only took 5 mins.


Half a cup of quinoa flakes
4 tbsps protein drink mix* (milk replacement and to reduce sugar)
4 tbsp cafe latte F1*,
5 crushed walnuts
A handful each of fresh raspberries and blueberries
Half tsp Almond essence
Enough water to bind all ingredients together. I used approx 1 glass of water.


Mix all ingredients well, pouring in the water for the right consistency.

Bake in a preheated oven at 180° for 20 mins.

Enjoy 1/2 for a snack or treat with herbal beverage*☺❤

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Protein and fruit scone

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Boosting your immunity

I don’t know about you, but this is a topic high on everyone’s agenda right now….how to build a healthy immunity and reduce the risk of catching the dreadful coronavirus.   Too right!  Generally, it’s true that living a healthy and active lifestyle, washing the hands regularly, staying at home etc can all help to reduce one’s risk of contracting the virus, but I also believe in ensuring one gets the optimum nutrition the body needs to fortify itself against free radicals and viruses.  From as far as I can remember, looking after my immunity has been something I have been interested in….I remember thinking I do not want to catch a cold or get sick, because I am too busy! Busy running a business, busy running a home, busy being a wife and mother.

So I would do whatever it takes to protect my body from succumbing to any outside ‘attackers’.  As part of my self-education, I remember learning about and being intrigued by the various vitamins and minerals and what they do.  I remember wondering why supplementation may afterall be quite a good thing to add to one’s diet, in order to top up or ensure we get optimum nutrition to boost the immunity.

You often hear people only talk about Vitamin C in boosting immunity.  However, each macronutrient and micronutrient has a role to play in boosting the body’s immunity.  So is the importance of hydration, exercising and taking enough rest and sleep.

For example phytonutrients, which are mostly derived from plants, can be high in antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals etc.  Similarly, protein, as a macronutrient is important for renewing the body’s trillion cells everyday and help boost the immune system.  When people do not have enough to top up, they can be at risk of falling sick more easily.

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Let’s stay at Home

Where did that weight come from?

insta-ring-picThis happens to be a common question I get asked about!!! ‘I had the kids and over the years, and I have struggled to shift the weight” !!

It can be quite frustrating for a lot of people.  This is clearly one of the unfortunate realities of getting older that, as we get on in life, it is much harder to keep the weight off.

At one stage, one could get away with weekend overeating and binges at 20 or 30.  After that, it seems as if every bite finds a place on the body as one progresses into the next few decades of life.

The fact is we need less energy (calories) to survive at 50 than we did at 30’s or even 40’s and this decreases as we get older !!

So the big reason is down to our Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which is influenced by our lean body mass, sex, age, hormones, etc. and how much energy is needed by the body to function, based on the fuel we give it.  Ultimately, as we get older, our metabolism slows down, which is impacted by our BMR.  This does not mean we cannot influence it to a degree.

Gone are the days when adults actively hunted and walked for miles, searching for food to put on the table.  Today, more and more adults live sedentary lifestyles and would only need to click a button to get food, use of ‘Drive Thrus’ etc.  Therefore, standard calorie intakes would need to be reduced.  One major solution is to take in food and drink that are highly nutritious and less calorific, including foods that will increase lean muscle tissue.  In addition, carry out exercises that will impact on strengthening muscles and a person’s BMR more effectively.  There are other ways to boost one’s metabolism effectively.

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What makes habit changing stick?

The art of changing habits can make or break one’s aim of getting healthy, whatever their goal.

Just like any goal, it takes commitment and a willingness to take the first step or decision to not only start, but to do everything that is required to make that change. It takes commitment and a fresh outlook on living a healthy lifestyle. That is why my approach is entirely one that is tailored to the individual and their programme. Then it’s a case of taking them through the journey. Understanding the underlying reasons why people eat in a certain way or eat certain foods and drink is crucial.

We will evaluate your body composition and discuss meal plans, but the key is making an impact through an understanding on both sides. An understanding of key principles that will underpin their behaviour moving forward and the key phylosophy that makes it work.

Some of the the wins obtained on our 5 Day Eat Clean and 21 Day Challenges have come about as a result of gradually changing habits in nutrition, fitness and all the support and guidance they take and apply. I am always so proud of those who make the commitment for real change. It takes discipline, commitment to learn and a change of attitude. Afterall, health is the most important of all, without which we can do very little.

I give a MASSIVE Respect to everyone who is involed, as not everyone will stick at it, but those who do, reap the results and health that comes with gradually changing habits forever❤.

If you are interested in a private consultation, or in joining our 5 Day Eat Clean or 21 Day Challenge or Flat Belly Challenge Project, please send me a message or contact us on 07725685090.

Gaye has lost 59 Ibs so far and feels so much better

February is all about love

I love February, as it brings with it some hope for a brighter Spring.  The days get slightly longer and we always look forward to Fitcamp with our amazing crew….We are so fortunate to have such a great bunch of people to hang out with at Fitcamp Kettering ! We are proud to add that we enjoy developing a healthy and active journey for everyone who joins our Fitcamp in Kettering…one that is not just a fitness group, but a supportive environment where we learn about nutrition and also have fun along the way!

Our theme for February is all about love.

Let’s spread the word…share the love and invite a friend to join us and you can claim your free Session. Please quote ‘LOVE’

“Surround yourself with people that inspire and encourage positive change in your life. Build a team in which you can work together to support each other and build better lives.”
― Avina Celeste20200203_193005

Elvira’s journey

Beginning of 2019 I wanted to join a fitness class as I wanted to lose weight and feel good in myself. I was feeling bloated and uncomfortable in my clothes. With ongoing support from Aba, I have lost some weight, lost inches and definitely feel much better in myself.

It’s a great lifestyle change for me.

Kettering Business Awards 2019

So last night was a wonderful evening! The first time we put in for an award and came Finalist for Health and Fitness Business of the Year 2019! Thank you to our customers and members who support us everyday! Without you, we would not be here. #KA19 #ketteringawards

Proud to say we were also Category Sponsor, supporting other businesses.