It takes the one standing in the mirror 🖤

I smile when people say to me…

“She’s naturally got a good shape”!! Or…

“it’s easy for you, Aba…it’s good for you…you just do this so easily”

🖤WELL… not be so quick to judge!!..This may surprise you….that When I found my new way of life..working on myself 14 years ago, I was extremely shy, I had a FEAR of doing things that would improve my life, I used to think that others were better than me …and I certainly didn’t have much confidence.

🖤Those of you I went to school with will know how introverted and quiet I was, although I don’t know how I ended up being picked as a Service Prefect back in the days !!😅

🖤I knew something had to change in order to become the person I wanted to become one day. I had to grow up, step up and show up. I realised no one was going to do it for me👑…..ONLY the person standing in the mirror…ME!!

🖤Don’t get me wrong, I had a great job with awesome colleagues and I have a wonderful hubby and close knit family and friends who have always been supportive and there for me. This is about me battling with my limiting beliefs‼️💗

🖤The reason I started my journey in the first place was that I used to feel tired most of the time, felt hungry, sluggish, etc and had a fairly big tummy which I struggled to get down.🤨

🖤Then, I found a programme and community to plug into which changed everything! Today, I feel extremely fortunate to have developed personally within this wonderful community of people who support each other and stay accountable to each other👌👑💗. I have a sense of purpose, I feel healthier and fitter in my late fifties and above all, I feel empowered and confident enough to help others feel the same way as I do.🙏💗👑

🖤If you are struggling with your wellness goals so far this year and would like some help, message me today for details of our 10 day results plan or personal coaching to get you started.👍👌

2022 Registration for Fitcamp Kettering is now open

Registration for 2022 Fitcamp Kettering is now open !! We kick off 10 January 2022 !!

If 2022 is your year to get back into shape, we will be ready for you, after the festivities.

We are based in Kettering Town Centre and you will be working with a great bunch of people, such a friendly group..

Sessions are for all abilities and there will be FREE weigh in sessions and nutrition support as well.

If interested, please **BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW!** Numbers are limited. It’s first come first served, as we work to Covid safety rules.


Venue- St Edwards Church Hall (Main hall behind the Church) **
**Time: Mondays 6:30 pm.

Please arrive from 6:15pm for a socially distanced weigh (this is optional)**

**Cost per block : £60 (12 sessions)** Please note we are following restrictions for indoor classes so numbers will be restricted.

* Please make sure you confirm by advanced payment for your place ASAP to avoid disappointment. Thank you.
*Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis so please text or whatsapp ‘Fitcamp’ to **07725685090** if you wish to take up a place.
*Payment can be made via card or paypal below…
*Sorting out payments and forms in advance means we don’t have to handle any monies on the day- you simply have to “check in” we know exactly who to expect (essential for health and safety reasons)-and we can start class promptly at 6:30pm.

Thank you .

Please complete your registration below and secure your place by advance payment below.

We cannot wait to see you in the new year!! xx

Merry Christmas xx

Book here – Fitcamp Kettering January 2022

12 Sessions of Fitcamp to include nutrition and health tips, friendships and support. Secure your place today – spaces limited


Little black dress Challenge is here !!


I remember when I thought I might be pregnant in my early forties!!🤪😅 and when so many other little niggles were making me feel miserable and sluggish!!☺

Honestly, I was hardly thinking about menopause at that time nor knew any of the effects that came with it!! Thinking about it, I’m convinced it was early menopause!

It’s interesting how it slowly impacted on my overall wellbeing and confidence, so much so that I did not enjoy going out. I would turn down a special invitation because I didn’t feel good in my skin and in my shape, however hard I tried.

Today it honestly feels like night and day. Finding a supportive Community and a healthy way of life made all the difference. Getting the hacks for a flatter tummy, feeling good in my clothes again, more importantly the vitality that comes with it is priceless💃

If you are sitting on the fence right now, our 21 Day Black dress Challenge could just kickstart it for you, just as it did for me. Its a habit changer👌 I’ve never looked back. We start on Monday. 8 Nov.. So don’t miss the boat.🏃‍♀️ Closes this Sunday at 4pm. You just put in a £10 prize fund (which all goes back to the top winners at the end) and get your programme of choice – Breakfast, Weight Loss or Sports. Your Coach will then offer you a FREE Wellness Evaluation.

You get nutrition advice, meal plans, home workouts and plenty of support.


21 Day Challenge – Little Black Dress

The £10 prize fund goes into a pot that is given out to the top winners at the end


That time of year to boost your results…

Last week saw the restart of our friendly group exercise sessions (fitcamp Kettering) with a difference!

Socially distanced Fitcamp! Having fun, keeping fit whilst staying safe!

As the only centre in Northamptonshire for delivering a community workout that encompasses high intensity interval resistance training for all levels, works on the overall body and strengthens the core, we were happy to get going again! We engage muscles you’ve probably not used in a long time !!

Although it felt a little strange with safety procedures in place, it was amazing how many past participants got back into the swing of it.

It’s all about the community. You also get nutrition support. Anybody can do it, whatever level you’re at. You only need to commit to the consistency and you’ll soon feel fitter again.

We still have a few more spaces available, however places are limited. You may , call us to reserve your place on 07725 685090 or secure your place below. Sessions are on Mondays at 6 30pm.

Project me vs me 21 day challenge

Want your own body project to start feeling great again? October brings a renewed projectmevsme 21 Day Transformation Challenge where you put yourself first…Here, you work closely with your coach to bring you the desired results and we are intensifying our effort for the Christmas season and beyond.

You do it from the comfort of your own home and we show you how. You will get all the tools necessary to reach your goals !

Once paid below, you can book your 20-30 minute consultation here to assess your needs in full.

You will get a meal plan as part of your package tailored for you and focuses on results. You also get workouts, group and coach support throughout 24/7.

Our participants who have done back to back challenges just love the environment and the results. You will get everything you need to get yourself to a great start for the body you deserve.

Not only does it feel surprisingly supportive in our online environment, but the changes being made by everyone is immense and the progress is inspiring, not to mention the prize money paid out at the end during the Celebrations. Interested? Secure your place below.

Secure your 21 Day Challenge

A simple system to start to get you feeling and looking your best again. Not only will you get into better habits, you will get results, whatever your goals.


Aba’s healthy protein bread and butter pudding

Makes 6 servings, approx 10g protein per serving and only 137 cals.

So delicious and easy to make.

Enjoy occasionally with a hot herbal beverage, tea or coffee…


3 slices of wholemeal bread , 4 eggs 400ml water, 3 tbsp Protein Drink Mix , 1/2 tsp Vanilla essence, 1 tsp ground cinnamon, Half a cup of blueberries


Cut bread in squares and place in an oven dish Sprinkle over blueberries Whisk eggs, water and PDM together with vanilla essence and half cinnamon Pour over bread Sprinkle rest of the cinnamon on top Bake in the oven at 185°C for 45 mins until golden brown Serve with a tbsp of Greek Yoghurt or enjoy a hot or cold on its own as a snack or dessert.

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what is your biggest struggle ?

Christmas is coming and I remember when I first started my healthy active lifestyle journey…it was around this time…three months before Christmas and I was invited to a party.

The first thing that came to mind was …Say No you cannot attend !!

But I decided to go…and guess what, I ate the food ! Well, I decided to make better choices. It always takes me back to this when I’m telling my story to people I help everyday.

Yes, there are always going to be challenges or, shall we say, road blocks along the way, but how are we going to deal with them?

What are your road blocks?

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February is all about love

I love February, as it brings with it some hope for a brighter Spring.  The days get slightly longer and we always look forward to Fitcamp with our amazing crew….We are so fortunate to have such a great bunch of people to hang out with at Fitcamp Kettering ! We are proud to add that we enjoy developing a healthy and active journey for everyone who joins our Fitcamp in Kettering…one that is not just a fitness group, but a supportive environment where we learn about nutrition and also have fun along the way!

Our theme for February is all about love.

Let’s spread the word…share the love and invite a friend to join us and you can claim your free Session. Please quote ‘LOVE’

“Surround yourself with people that inspire and encourage positive change in your life. Build a team in which you can work together to support each other and build better lives.”
― Avina Celeste20200203_193005

Our Parkrun Saturday FUN !

Thanks to Paul Sinton-Hewitt for creating the Parkruns back in 2004. It arrived in Kettering’s Wicksteed park recently, thanks to all the volunteers who make it run smoothly. A few of us from the Fitcamp Kettering decided to go and push ourselves a bit more once a week and get our hearts pumping ! What a great idea the Parkruns are!

This was our third run and we loved it just as much as the other two. Each time, we try and beat our personal best (pb) just for fun. By competing against our very own selves, we feel accountable to each other and it also gives us a buzz to keep going each week. There are different age categories in our group from 40s to 70s and there is no stopping us !

Our Fitcamp community is very special. Everyone feels supported and we believe that getting together at other events outside the CobraFIT sessions, will create other FUN time occasions. We welcome anyone who would like to join us each week when they can to our Fitcamps or Parkrun occasions. We all run or walk or do a combination of the two and meet up at the end of the session for a quick catch up and pat on the back. Well done all who come to participate ! The only special project you have to work on in YOU!