Why is hydration important?

For our bodies to have adequate levels of fluid, we need to hydrate our bodies at regular intervals throughout the day and we also need to monitor and vary our hydration levels depending on our age group, gender, physical activity and the climatic conditions we live in1.

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New ideas to put a ‘spring’ in your step !

Just everything you need for a great Easter relaxation without the guilt… Enjoy !

‘Whether you’re celebrating Easter or just need some helpful tips; resisting chocolate when it’s everywhere can be a challenge. We’re here to help you with some healthy alternatives, plus a great Black Forest Gateau shake recipe – yumminess without the guilt! And why not start your day with a delicious Herbalife breakfast, try our recipe with a refreshing twist? Plus, now the days are getting warmer, take your exercise outdoors with Samantha Clayton explaining why hiking is a great choice. And when outdoors, don’t forget to protect your skin. Jacquie Carter educates us on 6 sunscreen myths you need to know.’

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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Time to shake off those winter blues and leap into spring! Have you kept to your New Year’s goals or have you lost focus? Don’t worry, if you need a little motivation, we have the answer to help you achieve your goals. Also this month, are carbs really the enemy? Susan Bowerman answers any questions you have about this important macronutrient, plus we have a delicious shake recipe which will put a spring in your step. And don’t forget Mother’s Day, check out the Herbalife SKIN range to find that perfect gift to make your Mother feel special!

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