Results driven challenge in a supportive community

There’s one thing feeling supported and another thing knowing there is a chance you could win money if you become one of the top transformers as well.  This year, we will offer a new online challenge each month.  This means more people getting healthier.  So if you would like to feel healthier, have more energy, feel fitter and more toned or want to shape up, this is a community for you.  You might even WIN some cash on our Challenges if you are one of our top Winners.

The next 3 Challenges are :

29 March 2021

26 April 2021

31 May 2021

We focus on nutrition, education, fitness, community and support as our 5 pillars.  So whatever your needs, whether it’s weight loss, getting leaner, developing healthier habits for life, you can join any of our challenges.  There is a new challenge at the beginning of each month.

We have provided a supportive environment where you can be with a group of like minded individuals, who cheer you on.  It’s all down to you how far you wish to go with this, but you choose your nutrition programme and you get daily guidance from your Coaches.  We  support you every step of the way.  Not only does it feel surprisingly supportive in an online environment, but the changes being made by everyone and the progress are JUST  WOW !  Growing in confidence too!💯😱  You will get :

  • Private 1 to 1 Free Wellness Evaluation and Coaching
  • Meal Plans and Recipes
  • Daily Nutrition Education
  • Daily Exercises
  • Mindset and motivation
  • Friendships and support

Enquire below for further details or to secure your place:-

My 21 Day Transformation Challenge Prize Fund

£10 will all go into the Prize fund to be paid back to top WINNERS from each 2021 Challenge ! Please note this is non refundable.