CobraFIT Kettering

CobraFIT is an 8 Rep Accredited high intensity interval resistance training programme which originated from Sweden and is now in Australia, South Africa and Europe.  The UK Headquarters is in Skipton.  It was introduced in Kettering in 2014 by Aba and her team.  The workout is beneficial for improving both cardiovascular and strength health and abilities, core, muscle and bone density.

Once technique has been mastered, CobraFIT can burn up to 1000 calories in a typical 45 min class, shred body fat, gain muscle and improve energy and stamina.  You can also continue to burn calories 38 hours after working out.

Since its arrival in Kettering, over 100 people have benefited from our sessions.

CobraFiT Kettering classes are now offered on Mondays 6.30pm and Thursdays 7.30pm.  Based on demand and availability of trainers, we will be willing to introduce day time classes so please get in touch if you are interested in going onto our waiting list or joining our team of accredited coaches.

You can join our facebook group page Fitcamp Kettering.  Advanced booking is required to secure your place. Call 07725 685090 if interested in finding out more about our fitness activities.

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