Ideal Breakfast

For a very long time in my adult life, I used to either skip breakfast or have a cereal.  Now as a nutrition expert, the question ‘What makes a healthy breakfast?’ is one I get asked very often…or ‘Is it ok to skip breakfast?’  I often say whatever the circumstances, it is important to grab something balanced, wholesome, satisfying and fast, so that it becomes a fun habit.

Here is why…The body has a trillion cells which all need nutrients in the morning, but unfortunately, a lot of people either do not have the time in the morning to feed their bodies right…Or that they fail to eat a balanced breakfast to benefit their health in the long term.

So what is a good breakfast to have? I like to start by hydrating my body with our Herbal Aloe Mango in warm water first thing, then have my ideal Formula 1 breakfast.  I find that this is the only breakfast that does not bloat me up, but keeps me satisfied until my next meal. It contains all the nutrients the body requires in the right quantities, to satisfy me for longer.  It is tasty, light, quick to make, even if you’re on the run.

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