Success Stories


As a Nutrition and Fitness Coach, I have had the previledge of helping people improve their wellbeing, energy levels, nutrition habits, sports performance and to get fitter overall. I can help you too, whatever your challenge or goal.


My own personal journey to improve my overall health and fitness started 10 years ago, when I discovered something strange happening to my body. I had hit the ripe age of 40 something and found that it was becoming more and more difficult to reduce my waistline. I started to feel tired most days and I began to lose energy when exercising. I used to skip breakfast some days and did not particularly understand what was happening to me. I embarked on a journey and discovered my ideal breakfast, the Herbalife nutrition through a very dear friend. Little did I know that this journey would lead me to helping more and more people ten years on.

Today, I feel more energetic, I have developed better nutritional habits which have helped me to build stamina, feel stronger and have a better lifestyle. I have helped:

  • People in their 40s and beyond to feel fitter, slimmer and become more energetic.
  • Sports professionals improve their nutrition.
  • New mums regain their shape and take on the challenges of being a full time mum.
  • Busy professionals organise their meals and lifestyles so that life becomes super effective to cope with challenging jobs.
  • Retired people regain energy and confidence to face the world and enjoy life even more.

I can help you too whatever your goal.

Read more of my clients’ stories and what they say about me…..

Angela…30Ibs and counting

Angela had been battling with her weight for a very long time and felt frustrated, because she believed her weight was linked to a lot of the issues she was experiencing with her health. When she found me in October 2016, she had given up hope in trying. ‘ I am still on my journey and have a long way to go, but I do know that without your help and support, I could not have done this.’

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Sarah..I enjoyed my first 12 weeks that I signed onto my second 12 week Challenge!

I needed to get back into shape and this time, keep it off, so I joined Aba’s 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge. It was a 12 week course and each week was a different health topic.

My initial consultation was interesting and did not only focus on weight, but also a few other stats such as body fat, metabolic age etc. Based on what I like, Aba went through a meal plan for me and helped me understand what I needed to look out for when I go out shopping or when I ate out. The sessions were fun and everybody was nice. Each week, we would share new meal ideas and watch videos etc. I enjoyed my first 12 weeks so much that I signed up onto my second 12 weeks and went on to exceed my target of 14Ibs before my Ski holiday in France. It’s a great atmosphere and everyone is so friendly. Thank you Aba for all your help. You have helped me find what works for me.

Janice had almost given up hope trying…

Janice, in her own words, ‘had almost given up hope trying to feel healthy again’ when she came to see me. She used to be very tired most of the time, and had had a lot of issues with her health. She could hardly walk unaided and certainly could not exercise or had the motivation or energy to do much by way of activity.

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Maria…more than 10 years younger !

Maria has been my client for the last 9 years. She is an amazing lady who has improved her metabolic age to more than ten years younger over the years! She came to see me for help in improving her overall health and energy levels 7 years ago. Maria enjoys swimming on a daily basis and with my guidance and good nutrition support, she now feels more energetic and has improved her health for the better.

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