Little black dress Challenge is here !!


I remember when I thought I might be pregnant in my early forties!!🤪😅 and when so many other little niggles were making me feel miserable and sluggish!!☺

Honestly, I was hardly thinking about menopause at that time nor knew any of the effects that came with it!! Thinking about it, I’m convinced it was early menopause!

It’s interesting how it slowly impacted on my overall wellbeing and confidence, so much so that I did not enjoy going out. I would turn down a special invitation because I didn’t feel good in my skin and in my shape, however hard I tried.

Today it honestly feels like night and day. Finding a supportive Community and a healthy way of life made all the difference. Getting the hacks for a flatter tummy, feeling good in my clothes again, more importantly the vitality that comes with it is priceless💃

If you are sitting on the fence right now, our 21 Day Black dress Challenge could just kickstart it for you, just as it did for me. Its a habit changer👌 I’ve never looked back. We start on Monday. 8 Nov.. So don’t miss the boat.🏃‍♀️ Closes this Sunday at 4pm. You just put in a £10 prize fund (which all goes back to the top winners at the end) and get your programme of choice – Breakfast, Weight Loss or Sports. Your Coach will then offer you a FREE Wellness Evaluation.

You get nutrition advice, meal plans, home workouts and plenty of support.


21 Day Challenge – Little Black Dress

The £10 prize fund goes into a pot that is given out to the top winners at the end