Weight Loss Challenge

Our 12 week weight loss challenge comprises health and nutrition topics each week with lots of tips, an opportunity to design a meal plan and receive plenty of encouragement in a friendly environment. If you are one of our biggest losers who attends regularly, you could even win a prize.  Sessions are currently held on

Tuesdays : 10am or 6pm OR Wednesdays : 2pm

On the Challenge, you will get :

  • A personal body analysis and weekly weigh in
  • A supportive and friendly environment
  • Step by step guidance and information on different health topics
  • Meal plans and Aba’s quick and easy recipes
  • Your own personal Coach

All participants are invited to attend exercises to suit their fitness levels at the Fitcamp, eg CobraFIT or Health Walks

Please contact us on 01536 511341 or 07725 685090 if interested in joining our Weight Loss Challenge.